What I’m Taking to Norway

Packing Photography Gear for our trip to Iceland and Norway I couldn’t decide on whether or not I’d take... Read More

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Perigee Moon Oriental NC

November 5th, 2017 Images of the perigee moon, captured on November 5th, 2017 at Wiggins Point, just outside Oriental,... Read More

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Peer Acceptance

The joys of peer acceptance Dear Respected Photographer, The note that boosted my confidence as an artist was a... Read More

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Sierra Hull Live at Tryon Palace

Live at Tryon Palace Pandora introduced  me to Sierra Hull sometime around 2013. It was an upbeat, fast paced... Read More

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Making Photographs In Franklinton, NC

exploring former boom towns and how we move forward. Making Photographs in a North Carolina Boom (and bust) town... Read More

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Photographing the 2017 Croaker Festival

my approach to event photography My Approach to Event Photography Event photography is one of my favorite disciplines. My... Read More

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Promoting Pamlico County Artists

How to Promote Artists in Pamlico County This article is in response to a question I proposed in Natural... Read More

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Portsmouth Island Beach Camping

a photographic essay by Will Conkwright The last rustic island on North Carolina’s Outer Banks Julie and I are... Read More

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How To Choose the Best Image

People who know me well know that I’m a very decisive person. Belaboring decisions simply isn’t something I do.... Read More

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What Is Post Processing?

And how do I do it? Introduction to Post Processing A little while back someone not so deftly commented... Read More

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